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Two Warriors

 Two Warriors

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They had already been lying there for several hours, the fighting slowly receding to the west. Eventually the knight spoke.

"I suppose we might as well get to know each other. I am Sir Percival, son of Lord Arthur and heir to the lands of Dijon, knight in the service of our lord Jesus Christ."

"Are you speaking to me? I don't understand your language, I'm sorry."

Sir Percival paused. "Ah, you don't speak French, do you? Well, that's alright. I don't speak your language either."

"I wish you understood me. Anything is better than dying alone. Even dying with only a heretical invader for company."

Percival sighed. "Still, I wish I could give confession to you. A man should not die with sins on his conscience, whether he be Christian or no."

"My friend, we are a sorry pair indeed. Two lonesome warriors with no one to speak to."

Percival reached up to his neck, finding a crucifix fastened around his neck. "Well, take this regardless. Perhaps it will help." With some difficulty, he tore it off and pushed it in the direction of the other warrior.

"What is this? This is your holy symbol, is it not? You cannot give me - oh, I see. You hope to save me from Hell. Well, if you give me yours, then I should give you mine."

Percy felt a gentle weight land in his palm. He brought his hand back to his face and saw a curious symbol inscribed on a little copper disc, fastened to a necklace as his crucifix had been. “Ah, you have given me your own symbol. Thank you, my friend. Well,” he coughed up a little blood as he tied the new necklace around his neck, “perhaps we shall meet in heaven now, although whether it be your heaven or mine I cannot say.”

"Let us meet in heaven, my friend. Yours or mine."

The two warriors fell silent then, taking comfort in the knowledge that they would not die alone.


No work of art exists in a vacuum. All things have their influences. Although it would be impossible to identify everything which influenced me in the writing of Two Warriors, I do wish to pay tribute to those which I am aware of as well as to those I paid conscious tribute to.

Sir Percival was named after the Sir Percival of Arthurian myth, and his father Lord Arther was named after King Arthur himself, as well as Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. The lands of Dijon are from the city of Dijon in France, not the mustard also named after the city of Dijon.

Two Warriors was written as a response to a prompt on Reddit.