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Short Stories

 Short Stories

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From time-to-time, I’ve written short stories or flash fictions. My favorites are collected here. They are sorted alphabetically by title. Additionally, I have bolded the ones that I’m particularly proud of - the ones I’m less proud of are italicized instead.

Beauty and Promises (Flash Fiction | Apocalyptic Fiction)

The Dangers of Curing Boredom with a Time Machine (Science Fiction - Time Travel)

Dave the Normal Guy (Flash Fiction | Science Fiction/Fantasy)

The Day the World Changed (Fantasy)

The God Machine (Science Fiction)

From the Memoirs of Alex Newman (Contemporary Fiction)

A Search for Civilization (Flash Fiction | Children’s)

In Search of Darkness (Fantasy)

Two Warriors (Flash Fiction | Historical Fiction)

Within a Glass Sphere (Science Fiction)

Working With Myself (Science Fiction - Time Travel)