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I don’t do it much anymore, but I used to write responses to prompts on r/WritingPrompts.

Each link below is a prompt I've answered - the link goes directly to my response, but in most cases other people responded to it as well, so check out their responses too. The responses are in reverse chronological order - the more recently I wrote it, the closer to the top it is.

If I particularly liked my response, the link will be in bold. If it's italicized I'm not very satisfied with it.
A $ means that it was gilded, so someone else liked it!

Feel free to send me a pm (/u/-mountain-king- was my username when I wrote all of these, but I now use /u/theVoidWatches) if you have a prompt you'd like me to respond to. No guarantee I'll take you up on it, though - like I said, I almost never write there these days.

After witnessing a death, a young girl falls in love with the Grim Reaper. She becomes a serial killer just to see him more often. (Fantasy)

You've lost every single bet you've ever placed, yet somehow your life turned out better than you could ever have hoped. (Fiction)

As a means of motivat [sic], your top political aides have traveled back in time and brought George Washington to the present to speak with you. However, George is having none of this shit. (Fiction)

time machine tech support. (Sci-fi)

I swear that's the truth, I know it's difficult to swallow. (Fiction)

You're at a carnival, trying to win a prize at a stand while your friends are going on rides. You win, and the older man comes over to give you a prize. It's a small wooden box, and it's heavy. "Only open it when you feel the times right." He says. (Fantasy)

You're the first astronaut sent to Mars. When you're about to land, you spot a ship exactly like yours a mile away. (Sci-fi)

You love your sister to death, but you think something might be wrong with her... (Fiction)

This is a prompt involving the undead. Write not about the infected, but instead the resurrected. (Fantasy)

Everyone is born with all the skin they'll ever have (Fiction)

"When everyone is super, then nobody is." Meet Average Joe: Superhero. (Fanfiction | Marvel Comics)

"You are not a human being." (Fiction)

There's a mask. (Fanfiction | Marvel Comics)

The world's most secure prison has two inmates, a little boy, and a little girl. (Fantasy)

As long as there been light, you have been the guardian of darkness. So why is this small creature screaming at you that he will destroy you? (Fantasy)

A story that can successfully end with the line, "Oh, and send my regards to the Mistress." (Sci-fi)

You're a time cop and you've been assigned a case. You must detain a person who intends to commit suicide because they travelled back in time to kill their infant self. (Sci-fi)

A race of powerful but benevolent aliens has arrived on earth. The first thing they change is that all wars must now be decided in one on one combat between the countries leaders. (Sci-fi)

A man loses his identity in a poker match. (Fantasy)

A Christian crusader and a Muslim warrior are too wounded to move, and are forced to talk out their problems. (Reality Fiction)

You play a game with the Devil. If he wins, he gets your eternal soul, but if you win, you get his. (Fantasy)

In the far future people believe that we considered our superheroes as real deities, much like the Greek and Roman pantheons, with all their comics serving as legends of their deeds. Write about a typical college course on the subject. (Fiction)

Describe a room first as a blind person, then as a deaf person (Fiction)

Mirrors are portals to other dimensions and/or universes. How did you find out? (Fiction)

Write a romantic story without using the words 'she' or 'he' (Fiction)

Black Widow, on a whim starts dating Greg, quirky and funny, but mostly average worker for SHIELD. He is not a genius, he is not a covert agent, he isn't particularly important. They seem happy together. The rest of the avengers are dealing with inferiority complex now... (Fanfiction | Marvel Comics)

Set up your story idn five or less sentences. (Fiction)

Close the biggest plot hole in your favorite book or movie (Fanfiction | Harry Potter)

You were the first zombie of the worlds lamest, most boring zombie apocalypse. What's your day looking like? (Science Fiction)

Nobody's fired a shot because everyone keeps firing one-liners. (Fiction)

Write the most tragic story you can in under 100 words. (Fiction)

10 journal entries in a rapidly changing environment (Fiction)

Harry Potter, now a Junior Auror, must enforce a series of minor infractions and citations only a few years after defeating Lord Voldemort. (Fanfiction | Harry Potter)

The last words Lucifer spoke before he fell from heaven were, "I will not serve". (Religious Fiction)

You wake up in a dungeon with a note on a corpse next to you. (Fantasy)

On their first birthday, everyone on Earth is given a wristband that will glow brighter depending on how far away they are from their soulmate. But, yours has never even turned on. (Science Fiction)

A second moon is spotted in the sky. (Fanfiction | Welcome to Night Vale)

A Roman gladiator invites a heckler from the audience into the ring with him. (Historical Fiction)

Describe a characters descent into madness. It's up to you whether they realize it or not (Fantasy)

Make up the silliest-sounding name possible for an imagined plant or animal. Then write a field guide/brestiary entry, explaining why it is utterly terrifying. (Poetry)

Reality is about to come out with a new expansion pack. (Fiction)

A game of physical sport, but with magical/supernatural/whatever powers (Fantasy)

A Man, a Broom, and the End of the World (Fantasy)

Write like you've never written before... Literally. (Collected)

Death finally greets Sir Terry Pratchett. (Fanfiction | Sandman / Reality Fiction)

You're a "fleshbot" (synthetic bioprinted humanoid) working and living at Walmart. You've been rescued by fleshbot rights activists, but all you want to do is get back to work. (Science Fiction)

Everyone who thought the dress was white and gold begins to die from unknown causes (Fiction)

As you lose one of your five senses, the remaining senses gains incredible boosts. Describe the strongest person in the world. (Science Fiction)

The young warrior's exoskeleton cracked from the blow blocked by his left arm. (Science Fiction)

You have the ability to rewind time at any moment. But only by 30 seconds. (Superhero Fiction)

You've died and have been cursed to walk the earth as an invisible spectator, however you find yourself continually running into one person. (Fiction)

Ten years ago, your older brother sold your soul for a cheap trinket. Now you're in court against Satan, to prove that your soul belongs to you. (Fantasy)

The Grim Reaper appears, and is a little different to what you expected. (Fanfiction | Sandman)

The opening of a murder mystery story in ten sentences or fewer. (Fiction)

Open Concept: Instead of choosing between the red pill and the blue pill, Morpheus offers an ENTIRE rainbow of six pills to choose from. (Fanfiction | The Matrix)

As a reddit user, you'd heard of people getting banned, but you'd never witnessed it firsthand. Through a misunderstanding(or maybe you deserved it), you get the banhammer. Moments later, you hear a knock at your door... (Reality Fiction)

The beliefs of major world religions on creation, death , and the divine, told in the style of a children's picture book. (Religious Fiction)

Your life was fine and dandy until an elder god contacts you from another dimension, commanding you to be it's priest and link to this world. Name and describe the elder god and tell how you react. (Fiction, Horror)

Earth is an unfinished game released by God, the developer. He has just released the big patch. (Miscellaneous)

Why is the government trying to cover up years of research on a specific retro 70's lava lamp? (Fanfiction | SCP Foundation)

Two dads get into a dad-off. $ (Fiction)

A person comes across a running stop watch and stops it. (Science Fiction)

You come across a genie, who grants you three wishes. However, you cannot be the beneficiary of those wishes. (Fantasy)

A person is late for their first date for a very bizarre reason (Fiction)

The large hadron collider succeeds in creating a mini big bang, resulting in an observable microverse... (Science Fiction)

Hogwarts gets a visiting professor from very far away indeed: Rincewind. (Fanfiction | Harry Potter & Discworld)

The main character is speaking in 3rd person all the time and it's starting to piss of the narrator (Fiction)

Crime rates in your inner city neighborhood are plummeting as troublemakers are leaving (and dying) in droves. You suspect your grandmother has something to do with it. (Fiction)

In the middle of the night, a parcel is dropped through your letter box. Within it, there is a loaded revolver and a note explaining if any of the six bullets are found at a murder, the murder will be not be investigated. (Fiction)

You have tried a dangerous new inhibition-removing drug. It is infamous for giving its user extreme confidence and "swagger" for exactly twenty-four hours. You are just coming down from the high; describe the scene you wake up to. (Fiction)

A married couple secretly invent time travel. They travel back to 50 BC, but the portal takes them to different locations on earth. This is the story of how they found each other. (Science Fiction)

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